CRP Staking

If you're holding CRP tokens, staking is an easy way to earn additional CRP.

How to stake:

To stake, first navigate to the 'Staking' tab at the top of the page in the Cropper app

Once you're there you can click on 'Stake'

On the Staking page, you'll also be able to see additional Cropper Staking details such as Estimated APY % (Appreciation Per Year), Total Staked (Total Amount of CRP Staked in Platform across All Users), and Total Value (Total Amount of USD Value locked in Staking)

Then, you'll be able to select the locking period for the amount you want to stake.

Note that the longer you stake the more rewards you'll get:

  • 1 month - APY x1

  • 3 month - APY x1.1

  • 6 month - APY x1.3

  • 1 year - APY x2

The Staking dashboard will also show you how the amount staked affects rewards based on how much and how long you want to stake.

Note that if you re-stake any CRP, it will reset the locking schedule (e.g. If you initially staked 50 CRP for one month and then decided to stake 50 additional CRP for one year, then your total amount staked and duration would be 100 CRP staked for one year).

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