1. Go to the Swap section using the tabs at the top of the app and connect your wallet.

  2. Then, use the drop-down menus to choose the tokens you'd like to exchange. As an example, let's swap from SOL to USDC.

  3. Type in the amount of tokens you want to trade. When you’re ready, hit the Swap button!

  4. After the transaction gets confirmed, you'll see your updated balance—this might take a moment to show up.

And there you have it, your first trade on Cropper is complete!

Keep an eye on the Price Impact and always check the 'Minimum Received' for big trades or in pools with less liquidity.

'Minimum Received' is the smallest amount you'll get from a swap.

'Price Impact' is the change in price caused by your trade.

'Slippage Tolerance' is the max price change you're okay with when your trade goes through. You can set it in "settings" at the top or under "more information" in the swap area.

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