Create a AMM Farm

Our permissionless farms allow anyone to create a farm on Cropper.

If you're thinking about creating a farm on Cropper, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the entire guide below before moving to the next step.

Important must reads for all providers before creating a new pool:

  • All new farms must be linked to an AMM ID.

  • Once created, new Farms will be immediately viewable on Cropper's Farm feature.

  • Once created, all the rewards tokens will be vested on the farming smartcontract and, once vested, Cropper will not have the ability to return or refund the farm creator.

  • Additionally, once the farm start date is set, we do not have the ability to change it.

How to create a Permissionless farm on Cropper

You must have an existing pool to start this process, if you need to create one please refere to this tutorial

Initialyze the farm

First, you need to choose the token pairing.

If there is more than one pool you'll also need to choose which one you want to be linked to your farm. We recommend to use the biggest one.

Then you will have to set the emission's period.

Once you've confirmed that your farm details have been successfully set, click on "Create a farm"

After clicking confirm, you will need to approve THREE separate transactions in your wallet. These transactions:

  1. Initialize the farm

  2. Add the rewards from your wallet.

After that you can click on "View farm" to go directly to your farm page. Your farm page will have a shareable link that you can use to share your farm with your community.

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