Fertilizer 2.0

fertilizer — noun /ˈfəːtɪlʌɪzə/ a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility.

With Fertilizer 2.0, Cropper opens its IDO Launchpad. Adding a powerful feature to an already stacked list of DeFi services. Its mission is to provide new projects with what they need to build a strong foundation to kickstart growth and support longterm success.

Fertilizer’s Connection To Staking Tiers

Fertilizer will be connected to Cropper’s 5 Staking Tiers. We designed Fertilizer to grow our community while rewarding our most loyal holders. The higher your Staking Tier, the more whitelist opportunities and benefits you will receive for project’s launching with Cropper.

The Fertilizer Whitelist

In order to participate in a Fertilizer IDO you’ll need to be whitelisted. To enter, there’s two options:

1. IDO Social Tasks

The first option is to secure lottery tickets via an IDO’s Social Tasks. Fertilizer lottery tickets will be accessible to the public by completing the event’s required social tasks (e.g. Follow, Retweet, etc.). Once the whitelist lottery period has closed, those with winning lottery tickets will receive an allocation, those without winning lottery tickets will not.

Lottery Tickets give participants the ability to participate in Fertilizer’s IDO lottery. Much like real life lottery tickets, only a select amount will be randomly selected as winners for each Fertilizer event. Lottery tickets can be earned through completing an event’s required social tasks or by staking in Tiers 1 or 2 on Cropper Staking.

2. Staking Tiers

The second option is to receive lottery tickets or guaranteed allocation by staking CRP in exchange for sCRP

sCRP is not tradable nor transferable and can only be obtained when staking CRP.

Here’s the ratio of CRP/sCRP vs Duration:

  • 1 Year | 1 CRP Staked = 1 sCRP

  • 6 months | 1 CRP Staked = 0.5 sCRP

  • 3 months | 1 CRP Staked = 0.25 sCRP

  • 1 month | 1 CRP Staked = 0.083 sCRP

Each Tier provides different Fertilizer advantages:

The allocation system was created to ensure that the more you stake the more you’ll have allocation in the IDO. This is represented in the below chart illustrating the relationship between each of Cropper’s 5 staking tiers and their respective base + bonus allocations. The higher your staking tier, the more bonus allocation you will receive; thus decreasing the total price per allocation with each additional staking tier.

For example, if you have 10,000 sCRP then you would have 4 allocations (10,000/2500 = 4), but if you had 20,000 sCRP then you would have 8 allocations (20,000/2500 = 8) plus 2 bonus allocations for a total of 10 allocation.

See the details in the bar chart below:

For example, if an allocation is equal to $10, and you win through lottery tickets at Tiers 0, 1 and 2; you would receive $10 allocation for each winning lottery ticket. While with guaranteed allocations, Tier 3 will receive $40 allocation, Tier 4 $100 allocation, and Tier 5 $550 allocation.

Allocation amounts may differ for each IDO depending on the total number of stakers and the total amount raised.

The IDO Timeline

Each IDO will follow the same timeline from announcement to token listing.


Preparation takes place from the private onboarding of a project to the opening of the whitelist. During our preparation phase, we’ll be working directly with projects launching on Fertilizer to build out their project detail page, connect them with Cropper partners, optimize their tokenomics, grow their community, and collaborate to build out marketing materials around their Fertilizer launch.

We encourage participants to utilize the resources made available during preparation:

  • Due Diligence — Users will be able to research and explore project info on their dedicated Fertilizer event page and run their own due diligence before investing.

  • Discovery Events — Each Fertilizer IDO will feature at least one project AMA as well as additional media and content to help educate participants and promote the launch.

  • Project Deep Dive — Each Fertilizer IDO will publish a Medium article that puts a project’s detail page in context and speaks to why they were selected for IDO by Cropper.

Whitelist Opening

Once the Whitelist has opened, participants will be able to register themselves for the Whitelist. If you do not have reserved lottery tickets or guaranteed allocation from Cropper’s 5 Staking Tiers, you can still earn lottery tickets by completing the event’s social tasks.

  • Twitter/Telegram Follow — 1 Lottery Ticket each

  • Twitter Retweet — 1 Lottery Ticket

  • Sharing Referrals — 1 Lottery Ticket earned for each participant who registers with your link

Whitelist Results

Once the Whitelist is closed, those who entered will be able to see if they won or not on the project’s Fertilizer page as well as all the allocations they have.

Whitelist Sales

Once the sale opens, participants will need to return to the Fertilizer Event page in order to pre-buy the token based on the allocation available to them. You’ll need to come on the platform to pre-buy the token in the limit of your allocation.

Token Generation Event (TGE)

Token Claiming

At the TGE, those who have guaranteed allocations will be able to claim their allocation as soon as distribution has begun. But those who won allocation through the lottery will receive their tokens through airdrop; which can take up to 2 hours to complete after distribution has begun.

Pool/Farm Openings

  • Pools. A pool will be opened on Cropper with the Fertilizer’s TGE, meaning you’ll be able to Buy/Sell the tokens that are launched on Fertilizer from Cropper Swap after the IDO.

  • Farms. The project’s Farm will open a few hours after its TGE. Meaning you’ll be able to stake tokens purchased through the whitelist and earn yield on them right after launch.

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