Providing Concentrated Liquidity (CLMM)

How to provide liquidity in a Concentrated Liquidity pool

Impermanent loss may be substantial in CLMM pools, and positive returns are not guaranteed. Ensure you are aware of the risks before you commit to providing concentrated liquidity.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of concentrated liquidity, we recommend exploring this topic further by reading the suggested article.

  1. Navigate to 'Liquidity' via the top menu.

  2. Connect your wallet, locate the pool you wish to use, and select 'Deposit'.

  3. Choose between 'Custom' and 'Full range' option and proceed to the following step.

  4. Adjust the price range by using the graph's sliders, typing in the minimum and maximum prices directly, or by using the + and - controls.

Note: You may select your base pricing token in the upper right of the screen when setting your price range, such as USDC per SOL or SOL per USDC.

  1. Input the deposit amounts for each token, ensuring they adhere to the deposit ratio set by your chosen price range.

  2. Tap 'Preview deposit' to review your position's details, then confirm by clicking 'Confirm Deposit'.

  3. Congratulations! You will now see an NFT representing your position in your wallet.

IMPORTANT: Remember, if your NFT is lost, sold, or destroyed, you will also lose the represented liquidity!

  1. To view or adjust your position, click 'My Pools'. You can see basic information through the pool dropdown.

To access more options, select 'Manage'. Here, you can add or withdraw liquidity, but note that altering the price range requires establishing a new position.

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