Creating a CLMM Pool

CLMM pools typically go live on the user interface about 5 minutes after the creation process is completed. It is not possible to set a specific start time for a pool.

Here’s how users and project teams can create a concentrated liquidity pool on Cropper in five straightforward steps.

First, connect your wallet, then navigate to "Concentrated" on the left side of the page and click on "Create Concentrated Pool" at the top right.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Concentrated Liquidity Pool:

  1. Select Base and Quote Tokens The Base Token is the first token listed in a pair, and the Quote Token, which appears second, represents the amount needed to purchase one Base Token. Commonly used quote tokens include SOL, USDC, or other stablecoins.

  2. Select Fee The fee chosen will be paid by traders transacting in the pair. Liquidity providers receive 100% of the token emissions and 75% of trading fees. Fee Tiers:

    • 0.01% - Ideal for very stable assets

    • 0.02 - 0.05% - Suited for pegged-assets and high-volume pairs

    • 0.16% - 0.3% - Commonly used for most pairs

    • 1% - 2% - Recommended for exotic pairs with very high volatility

  3. Set Starting Price This is the initial number of Quote Tokens required to buy one Base Token. Pool creators can opt to view this price in terms of either the Base or Quote Token. Important: Once the pool is initiated, you cannot change the starting price, fee tiers, or the initial amount of liquidity.

  4. Select Position Price Range: Choose a price range for your initial liquidity. This range only affects your initial deposit and doesn’t restrict others from setting different ranges. While you can withdraw or adjust your liquidity later, this initial setup is crucial. The tool typically suggests a range ±50% of the Starting Price, but you can customize this.

  5. Deposit Amount This determines the volume of Base and Quote Tokens to initialize the pool. The ratio is auto-calculated based on your previous inputs, but you can adjust it manually.

  6. Preview Pool and Confirm Review your settings and click “Confirm Deposit” to proceed with the transaction. Congratulations, you have just set up a concentrated liquidity pool on Raydium!

Please note: Gas fees for initializing the pool may be higher than usual. With a price of approximately 0.6 SOL

Important: After the transaction is approved, the pool will be created. Although you cannot change the initial settings post-creation, you can manage or augment your liquidity within any chosen range once the pool is operational.

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