Yield Farming

Permission less Yield Farming

Cropper's main attribute is yield farming. The mission is to make farming more accessible for all new projects within the Solana network. Yield farming has gained popularity in the last couple of months, and we believe that it will become even more sought after, with an even brighter outlook for the future where it should become an essential part of any project. On the Cropper platform, all Solana projects and their tokens will be able to create a liquidity pool. Once a liquidity pool is created, the project that created the pool will be able to launch its own farm where its token holders will be able to add liquidity. The creator of the farm will be able to choose:

  • The farming pair (SPL-token/USDC, SPL-token/CRP)

  • The supply released through farming

  • The weekly emission reduction

  • The type of farm (locked or not) (Note: that all the rewards from locked farms are unlocked)

All projects which want to create a new farm will be charged a fee in $CRP. $CRP farming pairs will be exempt from this charge and the locked farm will get an additional yield in $CRP.

CRP Yield Farming

A part of the community/ecosystem fund will be allocated to farming rewards with a weekly emission between 150,000 and 200,000 CRP per week, per official CRP farm

To motivate $CRP holders to take their coins off the market and reduce sell pressure, Cropper intends to launch lockup LP pools where tokens will be locked for a specified amount of time. These pools will have a higher emissions rate than the unlocked LP.

Fees on Cropper

β€ŒFor all the LPs working on our platform, Cropper will charge fees for harvesting (0.1 %). Cropper will also charge fees for the creation of new LPs (the amount has not yet been determined).

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