Apply for a Labelize farm

What is a Labelized farm?

A Labelized farm is essentially a farm with Cropper's endorsement. The Labelized badge means that our team has run a strong due diligence process and a KYC on the project. These farms are certified and approved by Cropper.
The goal of Labelized farms is to keep our user safe — so that they can farm confidently.

Why are some farms Labelized and not others?

Cropper is the first platform on Solana that has Permissionless farms. This means that any project can create a farm that will immediately be available on Cropper. However, this also means that not all farms are personally approved by Cropper's team. Meaning all investments into farms on Cropper are at the discretion of the user and any consequent market manipulation done by an unscrupulous builder who opens a farm on Cropper is not the responsibility of Cropper.

How do I apply for the Labelized badge?

We're always looking to Labelized eligible farms. The first step to adding the Labelized badge to your farm is filling out this form.