Add liquidity to a Farm

Cropper farms allow liquidity providers to earn tokens as reward incentives for providing liquidity, in addition to trading fees.
Always be careful and do your own research on a project before using their Permissionless farm (especially when you see a super high APR).
Farm Labelyze are certified by Cropper and can be used more safely
  • Navigate to the 'Farms' tab and connect your wallet.
  • Then, select the pair you wish to farm and click on deposite. This will automatically create an LP token and stack them.
You'll have to approved 2 transactions
  • Liquidity providing
  • LP token stacking in the farm
If you already have an LP token, you can click on stack LP to directly stack them together.
  • After the transactions are confirmed, you will be staked and officially earning CRP for Cropper farms or Project Tokens for classic farms!
And that's it! Congratulations. You're now officially a farmer farming on the Cropper farm.