$CRP Token

$CRP Utility :

$CRP is the native token of Cropper. Holders will be able to deposit $CRP into liquidity pools (LP) in order to provide liquidity to the farm of their choice in CRP pair. The $CRP will also be needed join Fertilizer event.
  • Rewards $CRP holders
  • Introduce new LPs on Cropper

Buy Back of $CRP‌

The fees on Cropper will be used in the following ways:
  • 50% will go to $CRP farmers
  • 10% will go to the treasury
  • 40% will be burned until the max supply reaches 100,000,000 $CRP.
Once the hard cap reaches 100,000,000 $CRP, 80% of the fees will go to $CRP farmers and 20% to the treasury fund.


Last modified 2yr ago